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Get setup for digital

Get your business registered and submit your first VAT return online with MTDsorted.

Making tax digital was first announced in 2015, with all businesses that have a taxable turnover of £85,000 having to submit their VAT online.

Since then, a huge variety of tools and software packages have been made available to business owners to make going digital as easy as possible. But this comes at a cost.

Want to read more about Making Tax Digital? You can read more information from HMRC here on how to get started.

How can MTDsorted help?
After being founded on April 20th 2020, MTDsorted aims to be one of the most respected and lowest cost platforms for Making Tax Digital. 

We want to make a splash in the market, and are happy to announce that our new and simple way to submit your VAT return through our bridging software is coming very soon.

We've taken a step forward, come up with an intuitive way to complete your 9 box VAT return, and submit directly to HMRC. All for no cost - why have the expense of a bridging software, when your time already costs. 

Recently approved as a VAT (MTD) compatible software, we want to make everything the easiest it can be. Currently a bridging software, meaning we take your current calculations for your VAT and help you get them reported to HMRC. We want to become something bigger. 

You can read more about the future of MTDsorted through our roadmap, here.

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Posted by Stuart Davidson , 3 years ago
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