Introducing Books.

The fuss-free way to manage your transactions.

Track your transactions

Store all the transactions for your company to fully understand your businesses spending

Digital transaction reporting

Keep a record of your business transactions, then filter down by month and date to get a full picture of your expenditure.

Automatically calculate your tax

At the end of each period, take your sales and purchases from the period and use these to automatically calculate your VAT return.

Manage customers

Keep track of your customers and get an overview of each customers spending with your business.

Monthly Subscription Payment
1st January
+ £25.00
Business Laptop Purchase
1st January
- £1499.99
Invoice Paid
1st January
+ £172.13
Yearly Subscription Payment
1st January
+ £250.00

Connect to your Bank Account

Link your bank account to MTDsorted to automatically bring all your transactions together in one place.

Most UK Bank Accounts

We support most UK bank accounts, if we don't have it available we can look to get it added in.

Automatic Categorisation

We'll automatically categorise your transaction to keep like transactions together.

See your transaction history

We'll pull your transactions from the past 730 days and once per day going forward.

"Great service provided from MTDsorted. Of all the providers for making tax digital, this organisation stood out from the rest. Would highly recommend them "

Ed / See Review

"Easy to use, free and ideal for those who don't need a full accountancy package."

JB / See Review

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a free plan?

Books is only available to companies that have an active subscription. You'll get a 14 day trial before you're charged to see if our plans are right for you.

Are there any limits or hidden fees?

The subscription cost is the only payment you'll need to make, there are no extra hidden fees!

Do you allow tracking of acquisitions from the EU?

Yes! Under each transaction you'll be able to select a VAT Option. These will allow our system to automatically calculate where that value sits under your VAT return.

Can I import my transaction information from another platform?

We allow you to enter in all your details from an existing platform in either CSV format.

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