Check if an email you've received is genuine

Answer a few questions about the email you've received, and we'll help you identify if the email is a genuine email or could be a scam.

Who is the email from? * This is the sender of the email, for example if the user says they are HMRC.
Get in touch if you have other email senders we can check for.
Upload the email in question* You'll need to save the email as a .EML file to allow us to verify it.
How can I create an .EML file?

By clicking the 'Verify email' button, you are giving MTDsorted permission to process the email itself. We'll store the sender information and the content of the email to help us refine and improve this service in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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We use the information you provide to check if the email may be a scam using common scam techniques.
Although we may highlight that an email may be genuine, you should always use your best judgement and we make no guarantee that the information we provide back is 100% correct.
If you are ever unsure, do not click on any links or download any attachments within the email.
You should also not provide any payment details or give the sender access to any of your account passwords.