About MTDsorted

It's our mission to make digital tax simpler for everyone.

Who are we?

We are MTDsorted, a company that's dedicated to creating digital tools to make filing your taxes easier.

We're working on providing a website that is fully 'Making Tax Digital' ready and HMRC compliant, with as little cost to businesses as we can.

It costs us nothing to submit your VAT return, so why should it cost you any different?

What are our goals?

Our main goal as a company is to make the entire tax submission process simpler and cheaper for small and medium sized businesses.

We want to be open and transparent in everything that we do because we don't have anything to hide.

As a company we work with small businesses to refine our products to help squash some of the most tedious things that come from their taxes. Saving them time and money.

How does our platform work?

We've been working on a way for you to track, view and submit your taxes through the HMRC 'Making Tax Digital' scheme.

How you use our platform is entirely up to you, however we give you the tools to make the most out of your spending with us.

If you choose our free plan, we let you create draft VAT returns, see your history returns and also submit directly to HMRC - this doesn't cost us anything, so we're not charging you for it!

We are also working on ways to improve your financial workflow, by introducing a few Plus tier helpers including our sales and expenses tracker, so we can automatically generate your VAT return when it's due.

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