🚀 Our Roadmap

We want to achieve one thing, making tax simple.

From submitting your VAT return, to completing your self assessment. We want to be there to support your business and provide the tools you need to get this done, with as little cost as possible.

We're very keen on transparency, and will be sharing everything along our journey to becoming a full accounting platform.

Where are we now?
MTDsorted has recently launched and has opened up the waiting list - we want to make sure everything is perfect before we open the gates, so we're going to be inviting a few companies each week while we're gathering feedback!

Where do we want to go?
Obviously we've got a long way to go to get things sorted, below is just a small list of the direction we're going to be travelling. When we release something new we'll try to update this post along with creating new blog posts to highlight each feature. We're keen on transparency!

We're going to start off small and get it right.

In the short term..
  • Making VAT Digital
    • We're going to be focusing on VAT for now. Making this the best it can be.

In the medium term..
  • Excel Spreadsheet Bridge - without leaving Excel.
    • For those that use Excel, we're going to create a way for you to link your current excel document of your accounts to MTDsorted.

In the longer term..
  • Income Tax reporting
    • This includes self assessment. 
  • Accounting software
    • We want to give you to the tools that can power your businesses accounting.

I've got an idea to make things easier for my business.
That's great! We're very keen on hearing the things that you have to do during your digital tax transformation and are always looking for ways we can make everything simpler for you.

If you have an idea, we might have a solution. Just drop us an email with as much detail as you can. 
Posted 4 years ago by Stuart
Last updated 1 month ago