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Why is my VAT return in draft?

When you first prepare a VAT return with MTDsorted, it's in draft. This means it's not been submitted to HMRC and it can be changed.

We'll keep a VAT return in draft until you press the 'File with HMRC' button. At this point, we'll attempt to submit the VAT return on your behalf to HMRC.

If the submission fails and HMRC does not accept the submission at that point, the VAT return will remain in draft. This will allow you to make any changes or resubmit the VAT return in the future.

If the submission is successful, we'll mark the VAT return as 'Filed with HMRC'. 

Once a VAT return has been filed with HMRC, you cannot make any changes to it.

How do I edit a submitted VAT return?

Posted 1 month ago
Last updated 3 weeks ago