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When do shared invoice page links expire?

Shared invoice linked will automatically expire:

  • 30 days after the invoice is paid
  • 90 days after the invoice is due, if it's not marked as paid

This means that a shared invoice page will have a maximum lifetime of 120 days, unless manually extended.

Extending the lifetime of the shared invoice link

You're able to manually extend the lifetime of the shared invoice link by viewing the invoice in MTDsorted and clicking the refresh button. This will extend the existing link by 30 days. The current link will continue to work.

The link will automatically select the latest possible date for expiring. For example, if the invoice is due for 30 days, and the link is extended by 30 days. The link will remain available for an additional 60 days if it is marked as unpaid. We do not add 30 days to the automatic expiration dates.

Refreshing & expiring a shared invoice link

You're also able to regenerate the link to an invoice at any time. This will automatically prevent users from being able to access any existing links that have been created.

Only one unique link can be active at a time.

When refreshing the unique link, we'll also extend the lifetime by 30 days.

Posted 1 month ago
Last updated 3 weeks ago