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The error that you may see while setting up your company is the following:

CLIENT_OR_AGENT_NOT_AUTHORISED - Your company is not yet subscribed to Making Tax Digital or your VRN does not match your Government Gateway information.

This error usually means that your digital tax account is not yet fully ready for 'Making Tax Digital'.


This issue arrises when we check your tax obligations with HMRC, without your tax obligations we cannot submit your VAT return.

  • Check that your VAT registration number is correct.
  • Check that your Government Gateway account is the correct one if you manage multiple companies. In some cases you may have been given a separate Government Gateway account to manage your VAT. 
    • You will have received your credentials in an email directly from HMRC with a subject line of 'Your Government Gateway user ID'. 

If all of the above do not work, please get in touch with the Making Tax Digital team at HMRC, they will be able to check your business tax account to ensure that everything is setup correctly.

Get in touch with HMRC

Posted 4 months ago
Last updated 1 month ago