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Import your VAT return from a spreadsheet

When you're completing your VAT return, MTDsorted allows you to import values directly from your spreadsheet.

To get started, create a new draft VAT return, then click the Import button at the top of the page.

You'll then be shown a few preupload instructions, please ensure you understand all the details, and then press 'I agree' to continue to the next step.

You'll then be asked to upload your spreadsheet.

Once you've uploaded your spreadsheet, you'll be asked to select a sheet that you would like to view. 

For larger spreadsheets, may take slightly longer to load your file.

You are able to select from multiple sheets, just change the sheet within the dropdown. 

You'll be shown a preview of all the fields within the spreadsheet and can scroll to find the fields for your VAT return - we recommend using an 'Overview' page that includes the values of the spreadsheet already calculated.

Clicking on the field to assign the value to a field for the VAT return. Once a field has been clicked, a small dropdown will appear on the bottom right side.

Pick a VAT return box to use, then the value will automatically be placed in the return below in the form.

Once complete, you can close the import screen and continue to view your VAT return.

Posted 3 years ago
Last updated 3 weeks ago