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How do permissions work in MTDsorted?

This feature requires an active subscription on MTDsorted, you can see more about this on our pricing page.

What user roles does MTDsorted have?

MTDsorted has two levels of role, Admin and User.

Admins have full access to MTDsorted, without limitation. They'll be able to submit VAT returns, view the company tax details and manage your company account.

Users are limited to the permissions that they are individually granted. 

How do I grant permissions to a user?

If the user is an Admin, you cannot individually assign permissions. You should demote the Admin to a User role to assign permissions. 

When viewing a user in the Team Members page within Company Configuration, clicking the 🔑 key icon next to a users name will take you to the permissions page.

When there, you will be shown a list of the different permissions that can be granted to the user.

View the company tax overview.
Not granted

Alongside the description of the permission, there is also the permission key. The key is displayed on the permission denied screen, this will allow you to easily find the permissions that are missing from a user. 

To grant the permission to the user, click the tick next to the 'Not granted' badge, this will change the badge to 'Granted' and enable the permission for the user.

Some permissions will require your user to refresh the page.

Posted 1 year ago
Last updated 1 year ago