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How do I create a managed company?

Managing additional companies is a feature within our paid plan. Learn more

To register an additional company, you should visit your Company Configuration, then select the Managed Companies option. This will show you a list of the companies that you currently manage.

Create a new managed company

You can click the 'Create new company' button to start the process of creating a new company. A popup will appear that allows you to enter the name for the company. Once you have entered name, you can click the 'Create' button, this will create the company account.

Switch to a managed company

Once you have created a managed company or you login to MTDsorted, you can switch to it by pressing the 'Switch company' option in the navigation bar. This will show you a popup with all the managed companies you have access to use. You can then click switch which will take you to the company itself.

Remove managed companies

If you no longer need a managed company, you can remove it from the managed companies screen. This will remove all details associated with the account, and all users who are not registered with any other company. You cannot undo this action.

Posted 10 months ago
Last updated 3 weeks ago